Past Exhibitions

8. Juli bis 4. September 2016

Curated by Alexander Ochs

All monotheistic religions have prayers of supplication as part of their traditions. God is beseeched by worshippers in physical need, but also by worshippers whose minds are gripped by fear. How many people can sing lamentations of their unending suffering through forced migration and expulsion? The Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Koran all concern themselves with the remembrance of their past with the aim of ensuring that the cultural memory of the people is not lost.

The exhibition, which is set against the backdrop of the darkest chapter of German history, addresses the profound loss that the Jewish community of Berlin suffered under the National Socialist dictatorship. The point of departure for this presentation is a huge frame in the exhibition hall of the Centrum Judaicum. Within this frame, the names of almost 55 000 murdered Berlin Jews are read in the smallest darkest letters. In brighter text appear those who survived the persecution, due to being married to a non-Jewish partner, having a non-Jewish parent, or by going into hiding.
Throughout time, up to the present day, murder is carried out in the names of religion and ideology, despite laws banning killing being universal. Are prayers not hollow words, if not even global human laws are respected? What use are holy books, rites and rituals, when there is no inner and outer peace? When will the struggle between good and evil end? Is not the result actually that people are invited to set out on a common journey towards the protection of the Creation?

The research of the curator confronts us with artworks, whose creators well understand the tensions of today’s world. There will be no political platitudes. The artistic reflection sets the scene in which ritual and religious traditions are addressed. What arises is a contemporary collage, with an open beginning and an open end.

Danica Dakic, Martin Eder, Michael Endlicher, Mwangi Hutter, Nina Kovacheva, Alicja Kwade, Erik van Lieshout, Peter Riek, Claudia Schink, Serse, Moritz Stumm, Lidwien van de Ven, Junko Wada, Uwe Wittwer, John Young, Daniel Amin Zaman

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