Past Exhibitions

8. Juli bis 4. September 2016

Curated by Alexander Ochs

All monotheistic religions have prayers of supplication as part of their traditions. God is beseeched by worshippers in physical need, but also by worshippers whose minds are gripped by fear. How many people can sing lamentations of their unending suffering through forced migration and expulsion? The Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Koran all concern themselves with the remembrance of their past with the aim of ensuring that the cultural memory of the people is not lost.


The Rescue: José Castellanos, Rescuer of thousands of Jews

Director Alvaro and Boris Castellanos
The Rescue, Canada 2016, English with German subtitles
Runtime: 23 minutes


THE RESCUE is a short film about José Arturo Castellanos, a diplomat from El Salvador in Central America. Although Castellanos used his diplomatic status to save thousands of Jews during the Shoah, he is almost unknown today.

THE RESCUE is not a standard documentary, but a very personal story by two grandsons of José Castellanos who set out to save their grandfather’s name from oblivion. In THE RESCUE, filmmakers Alvaro and Boris Castellanos show the challenges their grandfather had to overcome to organise his large-scale rescue operation. They not only talk to those saved from the Shoah by José Castellanos, but also their descendants now living scattered around the world.


2. October 2015 to 29. May 2016
abgedreht! Stage Designs-Living Spaces
Chaim Heinz Fenchel 1906-1988

2. October 2015 to 29. May 2016abgedreht! Stage Designs-Living SpacesChaim Heinz Fenchel 1906-1988

Curated by Chana Schütz
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Heinz Fenchel in Tel Aviv, Foto privat

Heinz Fenchel in Tel Aviv, Foto privat

In February 1937, the Berliner Heinz Fenchel disembarked at Haifa after crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Italy. Stashed in the trunk of his Fiat were countless drawings and photographs from the early days of German and internationals feature films–sketches of scenery and stage designs for love stories and action movies, crime dramas such as the first German film adaptations of Edgar Wallace, and fast-paced big-city comedies, many set in the world of cabaret.


Moments in a Singular Relationship – Fifty Years of German-Israeli Relations
19. October to 05. November 2015 in Bundespresseamt

Scienitfic Direction Chana Schütz and Hermann Simon
Curated by Chana Schütz, Anna Fischer und Stephan M. Kummer

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12 May sees the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel. To mark the occasion, the Federal Foreign Office and the Centrum Judaicum are presenting an exhibition showing the highlights of bilateral relations between Germany and Israel over five decades.

The exhibition focuses on the following themes: Beginnings, Historical Responsibility, “The Games must go on”, Shared values, Partnerships and Homelands.


07.09.2014 -26.04.2015
Kurt Jacobowitz Jasen
The life of a German-American

Jasen-TitelD-Day: On 6th June 1944, the Allies land in Normandy and the final fight to liberate Europe from fascism begins. Among them is Dr. Kurt Jasen from New York. He was formerly called Dr. Kurt Jacobowitz and in 1938 he managed to flee Berlin. As an American citizen, he now wishes to make his own contribution towards defeating Hitler’s Germany. In the summer of 1945, Jasen returns to Berlin as a soldier in the occupying army. However, the city doesn’t feel like home for him anymore and in the autumn of 1945 he returns to New York. Jasen’s family from New York donated Kurt Jasen’s army uniform to the Centrum Judaicum in 2013 and his army trunk. Along with family photos and documents, these bear witness to the transformation of German-Jewish traditions in the New World. In cooperation with Handelsverband Berlin-Brandenburg.


19.August 2014 bis 31.August 2014
Jewish Child Survivors – Lost Childhood


Verlängert bis zum 19.01.2015
11.09.2014 – 16.11.2014
Gisi Fleischmann (1892 – 1944)
ein jüdisches Schicksal aus Bratislava

Flyer ausstellungseröffnung

28.04.2014 – 31.08.2014
Left Standing Among the Ruins
Destroyed Synagogues in Post-War Berlin

28. April – 31. August 2014
»Alles brannte« – Jüdisches Leben und seine Zerstörung in den preußischen Provinzen Hannover und Ostpreußen

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18.11.2013 – 03.08.2014
From the Inside to the Outside

18.11.2013 – 03.08.2014From the Inside to the Outside
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