Past Exhibitions

(Deutsch) Aus Kindern wurden Briefe II

Art in Auschwitz 1940-1945

05/25/2005 – 08/14/2005

150 works of art from the collection of the National Museum at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim. Further information is available at…

Relatively Jewish. Albert Einstein – Jew, Zionist, Nonconformist

11/01/2005 – 11/30/2005

The exhibition “Relatively Jewish” commemorates the Jew Albert Einstein.

Fanny´s Music Room

11/16/2004 – 12/03/2004

An exhibition in the Hall of Representatives in context of the 2004 Days of Jewish Culture. Fanny Hensel, a granddaughter of Moses Mendelssohn, was for a long time the little-known sister of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

Only in the last decade have her compositions emerged from the shadows of her brother’s. During her lifetime, her works were presented only at matinees given in the garden hall at her parents’ palace at Leipziger Straße 3. After Fanny’s early death in 1847, her music room, which was next to the hall where she had given her concerts, was recorded in a watercolour. In the tradition of such Biedermeier room pictures, it is meant as an indirect portrait of the person who died. In the image there are hints to the constraints of gender, of the artist’s wish to travel to Italy, and also of her religious orientation. The exhibition in the representatives’ hall at the Centrum Judaicum presents, along with the watercolour, original furnishings. From the perspective of this reconstructed music room visitors can see into the Mendelssohn family and the life of one of the most important female composers of the 19th century.


Children became Letters

09/29/2004 – 01/31/2005

Rescuing Jewish Children from Nazi Germany

Between 1933 and 1941, German-Jewish organizations helped more than 12,000 Jewish children and teenagers emigrate from Nazi Germany to other European countries, Palestine or overseas. “Cildren Became Letters” was a common expression among the Jewish parents who stayed behind. For the parents directly affected, it was a painful reality.

The exhibition “Children Became Letters” focuses on the children and teenagers who escaped to Palestine and the USA. Retelling their life stories, it illustrates the opportunities and difficulties of emigration as well as the ways they coped with life in a foreign country.


Pioneers in Celluliod: Jews in the Early Cinema (1910-1925)

02/02/2004 – 07/31/2004

You will find the exhibition website at…welt-1910-1925/ ‎

Synagogue Architecture in Germany

11/10/2003 – 01/03/2004

From Baroque to new construction

An exhibition for reflection on the November 1938 Pogrom in the historical rooms of the New Synagogue.

Created through the collaboration of the Center for Jewish Art, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Architectural History Studies, the Technical University Braunschweig, and the New Synagogue Berlin – Centrum Judaicum Foundation.

Heinz Galinski (1912-1992)

11/14/2002 – 12/15/2002

Chairman of the Jewish community of Berlin. An exhibition of photographs in the context of the Days of Jewish Culture 2002.

Breslau´s Jews 1850-1944

06/12/2002 – 05/01/2003

An exhibition dedicated to the memory of the Jewish community of Breslau. Put together by Maciej Lagiewski from the Historical Museum of Wroclaw in 1996.

Jakob van Hoddis / Hans Davidsohn

02/06/2001 – 08/31/2001

The exhibition´s website is available at:

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