Archival Holdings

An overview of the inventory of the archive has appeared in the series Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden in den Archiven der neuen Bundesländer (Sources on Jewish History in the Archives of the New German Federal States) volume 6.1 and 6.2, K.G. Saur Verlag GmbH, München 2001.

1. Central Archives of German Jewry (former Gesamtarchiv)

This includes files from almost 400 German Jewish Communities, including more than 1000 files from Berlin (1827-1945), and inventories of Jewish organizations, smaller estates, and collections. This inventory has been microfilmed and digitized, and can thus be viewed on a reader-printer or computer. The registers of births, marriages, and deaths of the Jewish Communities that were formerly in the Gesamtarchiv are not located at the Centrum Judaicum. Microfilms of these lists can be found in various State Archives.

Inventory of the former Gesamtarchiv >>

2. Jewish Communities (predominant before 1945)
Inventory 2 A 1: Documents and document bundles on the history of the Jewish Community of Berlin up to 1945, including:

  • Austrittskartei-Index of people who withdrew from the Jewish Community of Berlin, 19th century-1941 (limited access)
  • Index and files of the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Weissensee (microfiches; limited access)

Inventory 2 A 1 K: registration books of the Jewish Hospital, 1888-1978 (limited access)
Inventory 2 A 2: Jewish Community of Halle/Saale (deposit, limited access)

Personal files on Jewish forced labourers in a Berlin factory, 1939-1945 (limited access)

Index of Jewish applicants for recognition as victims of fascism in Berlin, 1945 – approx. 1948, partly with personal files (limited access)

5. Jewish Communities and jewish organizations after 1945:

5 A 1: File fragments, documents of the Berlin Community after 1945

5 B 1: Association of Jewish Communities in East Germany, 1945-1990 (limited access)

6. Estates/Personal Papers

Selected Estates >>

9. Collections

The collections contain mainly private papers, memoirs, photograps, printed matters, posters and periodicals.