Past Exhibitions

EMOP-European Month of Photography
Ein Bild aus Zbąszyń, November 1938
An Image that saved Life
11.10.2018 – 31.12.2018



An Installation for the exhibition „Expelled! Berlin, 28 October 1038“.
The History of the „Polish Action,“ Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin – Centrum Judaicum.

Lying on a cot within a detention camp, a girl of German-residing Jewish Polish nationals,
who, on October 28 th, 1938, were deported by German authorities to Zbacyzn,
a Polish border town where they became stranded.

Over fourty years later. In 1983, New York Bronx-resident Netti Kranz discovers this
image-and thus herself, as eleven-year-old girl Netti Stub- in Roman Vishinac `s book
„A Vanished World“ (1984).


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