Guided tours and audio guide

The Centrum Judaicum offers guided tours of the permanent “Open ye the Gates” exhibition as well as the neighbourhood around the New Synagogue. These tours can be booked in German, English, Italian, French and Hebrew.

The tour of the exhibition lasts approximately one hour and provides a thorough understanding of the history and architecture of the New Synagogue as well as Jewish life in Berlin, past and present. The guided tour that includes the neighbourhood gives additional insight into the varied Jewish life surrounding the New Synagogue.

The guided tours are suitable for anyone over three years of age.

Groups should not exceed thirty people.

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Audio guides

Individual visitors can explore the permanent exhibition with an audio guide. The audio system provides additional background information.

The devices are user-friendly and suitable for any age group. Our staff will be happy to be of assistance!

The audio guides are available in German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish and Danish.

Fees: 3.00 € per person

The audio guides were designed by Linon. Media for museums