Chronology of the history of the New Synagogue

1671 Founding of the Berlin Jewish Community
Sept. 7, 1714 Consecration of the first Jewish Community Synagogue
on Heidereutergasse
May 17, 1859 Construction of the New Synagogue commences
Sept. 5, 1866 Consecration of the New Synagogue
Nov. 9-10, 1938 The November Pogrom, or Kristallnacht: The synagogue
is desecrated and set aflame.
Wilhelm Krützfeld, the local precinct police chief,
saves the building from heavy damages
Mar. 30, 1940 Last service is held in the synagogue
1940 Expropriation of the building by the Wehrmacht
Nov. 23, 1943 Building is heavily damaged by Allied bombing
1958 The main room of the Synagogue is demolished
Sept. 5, 1966 100 year anniversary: A memorial plaque is mounted on the
facade of the east tower
July 1988 Founding of the New Synagogue Berlin –
Centrum Judaicum Foundation
Nov. 10, 1988 Laying of the cornerstone and the mounting of a memorial
plaque on the west tower
Oct. 19, 1989 The eternal lamp is found in the entrance area during the
removal of rubble
June 5, 1991
Crowning of the dome with the Star of David
May 7, 1995 Consecration of the New Synagogue as the Centrum Judaicum